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The Best of Brisbane: Why Hepburns Steakhouse is a Must

Hepburns Steakhouse in Wynnum, Brisbane, is where culinary excellence meets impeccable service in a setting that exudes elegance and comfort.

Steakhouse Star Turns

The stars of our menu are, without doubt, our steaks — each cut chosen carefully for its superior quality and flavour profile.

Our kitchen sources only the best produce, including premium beef cuts, fresh seafood, fragrant herbs and crisp vegetables. Nothing but the best will find its way to your table.

Our chef is an artisan of flavour, blending traditional techniques with innovative twists to create unforgettable meals.

Adding the Master’s Touch

Our head chef plays a pivotal role in Hepburns Steakhouse’s renown, bringing a passion for excellence that sets our Wynnum restaurant apart. 

With a professional background that includes working at London’s prestigious La Caprice restaurant, his culinary journey has been as rich and varied as the flavours he brings to every dish. 

One of his signature techniques is the artful use of fresh herbs and rich butter to finish premium quality steaks, turning simple ingredients into extraordinary meals. This not only enhances the natural flavours of the meat but also introduces a delightful complexity to the dish. 

Your steak will be finished with expert use of carefully curated seasonings and techniques. With meticulous attention to detail, our chef will rest the meat post-cooking to make sure each steak retains its succulence while allowing the flavours to deepen and meld beautifully.

Our chef’s passion for innovation, coupled with his respect for traditional methods, makes dining at Hepburns an exhilarating experience, as memorable as it is delicious.

With such expert hands shaping our menu and culinary direction, you can expect more than just a meal at Hepburns. You can look forward to experiencing a masterclass in steak cuisine… and in elegant surrounds.

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Ambience that Speaks Volumes

Inside Hepburns Steakhouse, the restaurant décor pays homage to classic sophistication but with a modern edge. 

Comfortable seating under gentle lighting is set against a background of soft fabric swathes and evocative timber finishes. The ambience invites relaxation and conversation.  

Whether it’s a romantic dinner, a family celebration, or a corporate gathering, the setting at Hepburns is right for any occasion.

We have function rooms available to cater for your celebratory occasions and other private events. At your service, our staff will help ensure that your function is a resounding success. 

Service with a Personal Touch

Our hospitality team at Hepburns anticipates and attends to your needs without intrusion. We aim for personalised attention that will ensure that your dining experience is seamless and special. 

From the moment you arrive to the last sip of your after-dinner coffee, we are there to take care of everything.


Hepburns Steakhouse is no ordinary restaurant; it’s a must for Brisbane locals and visitors alike who appreciate fine dining. 

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