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Honouring Australia’s Love Affair with Steak

Our Brisbane steak restaurant is celebrating Australia’s love affair with steak dinners. 

At Hepburns Steakhouse in Wynnum, we pair sophisticated sides and fine wines to showcase premium beef and the best Australian produce.

Origins of Australia’s long standing steak culture

Australia’s relationship with beef can be traced back to the early days of colonisation when the first herds were introduced here. 

Beef has since become an iconic element of the nation’s culinary identity and, for many, it is a nutritional mainstay. 

Brisbane Steak at Hepburns

The evolution of steak dining in Australia

Steak dining in Australia continues to include the backyard barbecue, but it is also at the heart of fine dining experiences. 

The evolution continues at Hepburns Steakhouse in Wynnum, where serving premium steaks reflects the heritage and best qualities of a national culinary highlight.

Our commitment to quality

At Hepburns Steakhouse, we source only the finest cuts of meat. Our beef is selected from premium-grade Australian cattle, aged to perfection, and cooked precisely to order. 

This commitment to quality ensures that your steak dinner at Hepburns will be a dining experience to remember.

A menu rooted in tradition

Along with paying homage to traditional Australian steak dinners our chef incorporates contemporary culinary techniques. 

Each steak, from luxurious Wagyu fillets to 32-day dry-aged t-bones, is prepared with skills that have earned the praise of gourmands both here and internationally. 

Enhancing your steak’s deep and satisfying flavours, our chef selects complementary seasonings and sides to further elevate them.

The unique Hepburns dining experience

Designed for the senses

The ambience at Hepburns Steakhouse is designed for memorable dining experiences. The warm, inviting atmosphere sets the stage from the moment you enter.

With attentive service to ensure a quintessential restaurant experience, you can enjoy every aspect of your dining, from the first sip of wine to the final delicious morsel on your plate.

Perfect pairings

Your meal will be a feast for your eyes as much as it is for your palate at our Bayside steak restaurant. 

To complete your steak dinner, our sommelier has carefully curated a selection of wines that will perfectly complement the robustness of our steaks. 

At Hepburns, we have bold reds to match the intensity of our ribeyes, as well as crisp, light whites to accompany other dishes. Whatever your preferred vintage, you’ll find the perfect pairing on our wine list.

Read more about our wine pairing.

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Join us for an unforgettable steak dinner

A destination for steak lovers

When you’re looking for the best steak restaurant in Brisbane, Hepburns Steakhouse in the heart of Wynnum is a must. 

Whether you’re wanting to celebrate a special occasion or just in the mood for a juicy steak, you won’t regret ordering your meals at our fine dining restaurant.

Book your table at Hepburns Steakhouse

Book your table or a private room for your Brisbane function at Hepburns Steakhouse to sample the quality that set us apart as the premier Brisbane steak restaurant.

It’s an opportunity to enjoy the best available homegrown ingredients along with fine wines, all in celebration of Australia’s rich heritage of steak dinners.