The Perfect Steak: Our International Chef’s Secrets

Brisbane Steakhouse restaurants with private dining rooms

The perfect steak is our goal at Hepburns Steakhouse.

We are sharing with you some of the secrets behind what makes our steaks exceptional. This is also your invitation to our Brisbane steakhouse restaurant (private rooms available) to sample our chef’s international expertise.  

Perfection may be unreachable and certainly not something you can achieve from a home-cooked steak. But the steak at our restaurant is undeniably special. 

You seriously don’t want to miss out on the mouth-watering results served from our steakhouse kitchen.

Your steak’s journey

Long before it reaches your plate at Hepburns, your steak’s journey began with the meticulous selection of quality meat. 

Our preference for premium varieties, such as Australian wagyu and grass-fed, pasture-raised meats, is a commitment to quality that you’ll taste in every bite.

Rib-eye, celebrated for its rich marbling, is only one of our prime cuts. The promise invariably, is a steak that seduces with flavours that linger on the palate. 

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Preparing for the best

Preparation is where our culinary team shines. 

Perfection on the plate means respect for the ingredients. This begins by allowing the steak to reach the perfect room temperature for controlled cooking. 

Natural flavours are enhanced by a blend of olive oil, sea salt, and black pepper. 

Cooking is an art form in our kitchen. And preparation, done right, sets the stage for the magic to happen on the fire.

The heat in the kitchen

The hallmarks of an exceptional steak include an enviable sear and deep caramelisation. To achieve this, we use cast iron on high heat. 

Sizzling heat seals in those exquisite flavours.

Giving it a rest

Resting the steak post-sear is a practice we hold sacred. This is another aspect of meat cooking technique that cannot be overlooked.

It’s a crucial step that requires patience. But it is patience that rewards you with culinary excellence. 

Resting allows the juices to redistribute throughout the meat, guaranteeing that every bite will be succulent and tender. 

Resting is a simple act that elevates the experience of steak dining immeasurably.

Finishing school

Finishing touches can truly make a steak stand out. A dash of high-quality butter, a hint of aromatic herbs, and a final flourish of seasoning will coax out flavours that are seductive and luxurious. 

For an extra hint of indulgence, the steak can be returned to the heat for an extra lavish basting with butter. 

It’s all about a deep respect for the ingredients and layering flavours to create a transcendent taste experience.

Come and get it

Choosing to dine with us is an opportunity to experience the blending of science, intuition, and culinary artistry.

By honouring the ingredients and the process — from selection to preparation, to technical cooking mastery — we are offering the extraordinary.

Step away from your kitchen for a night. Let us share with you the passion, the artistry, and the unforgettable flavours that make our steak a true culinary adventure. 

Join us at Hepburns Steakhouse for an unparalleled steak experience. This is your invitation to a celebration on a plate.