Explore the Menu at Hepburns Steakhouse, Brisbane’s Culinary Gem

hepburns steakhouse menu

Explore the Menu at Hepburns Steakhouse, Brisbane

Hepburns Steakhouse is Brisbane’s premier destination for steak enthusiasts. Every dish here is a testament to our chef’s expertise and a reflection of Queensland’s rich culinary heritage. 

As an appetiser, let’s walk you through our menu’s standout mains.

Bear in mind that menus are subject to updates. But we’re using today’s menu to give you a sample glimpse of the canvas of flavours at Hepburns. 

From seafood to premium steaks, discover what makes our mains a must-try for food lovers.

Signature Seafood Delights

OK, appetisers should include starters… 

Your culinary adventure might begin with our Fresh Pacific Oysters served natural style. If you’d prefer a unique twist, try our Dry Aged Beef Kilpatrick Oysters, blending ground dry-aged beef with a Kilpatrick style sauce — a modern take on a classic. 

Alternatively, spice up your starter with our Bloody Mary Oyster Shots, a daring choice that pairs the freshness of oysters with the zest of a Bloody Mary.

Seafood lovers will enjoy our Chargrilled King Prawns, accompanied by chimi churri and pickled vegetables. Or Seared Scallops perfectly complemented by twice-cooked pork belly with a lemongrass and chilli dressing.

hepburns steakhouse menu

Premium cuts for the Steak aficionado

Hepburns Steakhouse is Brisbane’s steak lovers sanctuary, featuring premium cuts that are meticulously sourced and prepared. 

The 200g Eye Fillet is popular for its opulent flavour and supreme juiciness. With more marbling, our 250g Wagyu Rump Marble Score 7 offers exceptional buttery richness that melts in your mouth.

For robust flavour and irresistible juiciness, try our celebrated 400g 32-Day Dry Aged Striploin on the Bone. 

In our 500g 32-Day Dry Aged T-Bone, tenderness combines with rich flavour, making every bite a luxurious experience.

Hepburns Steakhouse Brisbane

Adventurous Fusion and Classic Comforts

Our mains menu is designed to cater to all tastes. 

If comfort food is what you crave, our handmade Gnocchi will touch your soul with its sautéed mushrooms, parmesan, truffle oil, and spinach.

And it would take a rare soul to say no to our exquisite King Prawn Linguine, an exciting and harmonious blend of confit cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, lemon, and red chilli.

A Symphony of Flavours in Every Dish

It’s our aim to elevate your meal from great to extraordinary. Side dishes are prepared accordingly. 

Enhancing your choice of mains with fresh and vibrant flavours, try our Green Beans tossed in olive oil, goats cheese, and almonds, or the Burrata with Roasted Mushrooms.

Treat Yourself at Brisbane’s Best

Hepburns Steakhouse in Wynnum is Brisbane’s culinary gem and an epicurean delight for local food lovers, as well as discerning visitors to the area. 

With its blend of classic and innovative dishes, our menu caters to diverse palates and preferences. 

Crafted with care, passion, and an understanding of what makes a meal truly special, each dish contributes to an unforgettable dining experience that will leave you longing for more. 

Book your table or a private room for your Brisbane function at Hepburns Steakhouse and prepare for your taste buds to be tantalised.