Wine & Dine Brisbane Bayside Steakhouse

Wine Pairing at Our Brisbane Steakhouse

At our Bayside steak restaurant, wine pairing can showcase a rich winemaking heritage alongside Australia’s premium beef cuts.

Wine pairing elevates the taste experience in ways only your senses can convey.

The first impression

Enter our steak restaurant and you’ll be immediately enveloped by a luxurious ambience. 

Every elegant detail has been carefully placed to delight the senses. Seated at one of our softly lit tables, the stage is almost set for your fine dining experience.

You are seconds away from the fine wine suggestions offered by our esteemed sommelier. 

Wine and Dine Bayside Steak Restaurant

The prelude: starters and whites

A sip and a bite, in sumptuous harmony — this is how the wine pairing dance begins. 

For starters, the freshest Pacific oysters au naturel or kilpatrick style, char-grilled king prawns, or flash-seared scallops. 

Each starter dish bursts with flavours that will sing when paired with a crisp Chardonnay, just for one example. 

The main act: steak and reds

Hot off the hob then well-rested, your steak arrives at your table. The mouth watering aromas of your seared-to-perfection premium cut are irresistible. 

Perhaps the robust notes of a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon will provide the ideal accompaniment to your steak’s succulence?

The interlude: side dishes

Side dishes are more than mere bit players; they are the co-stars in this culinary production. 

Potato — or Cauliflower, Truffle and Brie — Gratin could easily find their perfect match in a silky Merlot, each enhancing the other’s textures and tastes.

The finale: desserts and dessert wines

As the evening draws to a close, dessert makes its entrance. The cheese board or perhaps the Panna Cotta or Signature Rocky Road… 

Port, rich and sweet, pairs impeccably. Each sip from your glass  turning every mouthful into a celebration to end your evening in style.

Pairing with Australian wines

The bold and fruity profile of Shiraz, from vineyards in South Australia, Barossa, or Tasmania, for example, perfectly complements the flavours of a seared premium ribeye steak. 

This pairing is a testament to the synergy between Australia’s robust red wines and its premium beef. 

Similarly, a Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon, known for its elegance and depth, could accompany your richly marbled Wagyu cut, creating a dining experience that’s both luxurious and distinctly Australian.

Brisbane Bayside Steakhouse

Seafood and white wines

Your dining experience might include our King Prawn Linguine. The citrus undertones of a vibrant Semillon from the Hunter Valley would enhance the delicate flavours, while evoking Australia’s coastal essence.

The pinnacle of dining

Through the art of thoughtful wine pairings, each dish becomes a celebration and a journey through the flavours that make Australia unique.

Elevate your evening

You are invited to our Brisbane Bayside steakhouse for the exciting sensory pleasure of pairing wine with your meal to create a transcendent symphony of flavours. 

Be prepared, from the moment you step through our doors, to embark on a culinary journey. Book your table or a private rooms for your Brisbane function at Hepburns Steakhouse for an unforgettable time that elevates dining to an experience approaching high art.