Premium Beef: Hepburns Steakhouse Essentials

Hepburns steak restaurant brisbane

Premium beef is the very essence of what could make a steak memorable. It’s also where your culinary journey begins at our Wynnum restaurant with function rooms, Hepburns Steakhouse

Selecting the best cuts of the best beef is the first stage in our commitment to transforming a simple meal into an unforgettable one. 

Come with us and let’s see where a deep-rooted passion for quality and exceptional steak selection takes us.

The flavour of premium beef

Our chef’s mission, after his experience at London’s famed Le Caprice restaurant, is to make every meal an occasion to remember. 

Sourcing premium cuts of beef is his secret passion.

In Australia, we hear of grass-fed Angus and sumptuous Wagyu, knowing them to be tender, succulent and rich in flavour.

Hepburns Steakhouse fine dining brisbane

Steak cuts are deserving of some spotlight here… 

Fillet: tender contender

Fillet steak, also known as eye fillet or tenderloin, is unrivalled in tenderness and leaves a lasting impression.

Melting in your mouth, its subtle flavours present a taste of sophistication and an extraordinary experience on the fork.

Rib-eye: rich in every bite

With their rich marbling and juicy essence, our rib-eye cuts capture the quintessential flavour of premium steak. 

This indulgent choice, also known as Scotch fillet, boneless rib-eye or rib fillet, speaks directly to the heart of what makes booking a table at Hepburns so rewarding.

New Yorker: perfect balance

The New Yorker is a favourite among steak lovers. Also known as sirloin or porterhouse steak, this steak lovers’ choice is lean, yet bursting with robust beef flavours.

Notably tender and extremely juicy, this cut is from part of the animal with relatively low muscular activity. It is lean and offers a perfect harmony of tenderness and taste.

Tomahawk: talk of the table

The Tomahawk is a rib steak, French-trimmed on its long rib bone. There are flavour advantages to meat on the bone. 

Add to that, the perfect amount of marble and tenderness, and you have one impressive steak. Beautifully presented, this steak will be the talk of the table.

Wagyu: a symphony of flavours

Wagyu is widely revered and Australia is one of the world’s premier Wagyu breeders. 

Australian Wagyu is raised on grain and hay, their beef being leaner than their Japanese counterparts.

Extremely flavourful and tender due to its high marbling, Wagyu makes for an extraordinary steak.

Dry-Aged: a labour of love

Dry-aged steaks represent a labour of love that turns great into exceptional. 

Decreasing the moisture in beef enhances flavour and tenderness, with 28 days generally being the “optimal” time for dry-ageing fresh beef, hung or placed on racks. 

Beef that is highly marbled can be aged even longer — its higher fat content allows more complex flavours to develop.

Once the ageing process is complete, the meat is trimmed and sliced to reveal deep cherry red colours.

Hepburns’ invitation to authenticity, passion, quality

We invite you to join us at Hepburns Steakhouse, where every steak is crafted with care and served with pride. 

Steak lovers and fine diners will appreciate the servings here that resonate with authenticity, passion, and quality.